Active File Recovery Crack 24.0.2 + Full Version Keys Download

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Active File Recovery Full Crack + Registration Code Download

Active File Recovery Crack 24.0.2 + Full Version

Recover your lost files with availability of many advantages by the usage of active file recovery crack. It is an easy to use program for retrieving the deleted files, images and other important programs. This professional tool consists of many advanced options.

Most of the time, due to errors or other issues, we face lots of important files. This can be recoverable through the different tools. But active file recovery is best one of them because of premium quality features.

This tool is based on the fast and simple mechanism. It permits you to recover data of any kind with ease of fast searching and recovering procedure. With this software, users can recover the data from hard drives, floppy drives, and USB drives. In addition, this software is supportive to some file systems like the  FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5. It also has ability to recover files from the different formats like the PPTX, AVI, ZIP, DOCX,PST, etc.

Active file recovery software consists of the amazing system of searching losted files. You can search the file formats, by size or ID etc. And also provides information about the partition like type, file system, and label etc. It also added the special feature disk editor that performs various tasks at time.

Active File Recovery Full Crack + Registration Code Download

What is the active file recovery crack?

The software that has ability to recover the deleted files, images, documents etc with ease of many supporting options is known to be the active file recovery crack. This software has an easy to use interface with advanced systems.

This software has the ability to analyze the content of the hard-drive, volumes and partitions. It can recover the data from the hard drives, floppy disks and USB drives. Moreover this software consists on the two scanning modes. One mode is known to be the fast scanning and the other one is the super scanning system.

Users can select the working mechanism according to their preferences. It added the smart option known as the disk editor. This feature has ability to analyze the content of the hard drives, volume partition and searches for the text, create bookmarks. Disk editor also has the property to change the content of the open files or disks.

Moreover the active file recovery tool has the property to recover documents having file formats like the MDB, XLS, DOC, PST, pptx, jpg, AVI, ZIP, DOCX.

How it works

Working on the active file recovery program is so easy. One can instantly recover the files on selecting their preferred method of scanning. It is because this program added two methods of scanning. Fast and super scanning method.

Moreover it is based on the advanced supporting tools, which supports in retrieving your lost files immedietly. It added the partition recovery tools option. this analyze the content of hard drives, partitions and volume etc. It can even recover the data of ReFS file system with non-standard sector size etc. This shows that, there is ease of retrving the files that are losted due to damage disks, virus attacks etc. Besides this, software added the custom signature script that supports for creating the users templates concerning search for the deleted files.

What is the active file recovery crack?

What is the active file recovery crack?


Active file recovery crack is the impressive and protective program that can brings backs losted files immediately without facing any trouble.

Fast procedure

The main advantage of this program is the fast procedure. This software has the ability to scan smoothly and quickly. Its scanning mechanism depends upon two modes. Means, either it will be fast or super fast. Users can scan and retrieve the important documents from their systems easily.

Impressive recovery tool

This tool can recover the data from the damaged disks, malicious attacks or due to power lose. It can recover the photos, images, deleted from the USB Flash or image lost after formatting the SD card. you can recover the files from the SSD, USB, IDE, Esata, SAS, HDD, SCSI hard drives. SD, MMC compact flash and USB flash drives. It added the improved mechanism of data recovery especially when dealing with the damaged disks.

Data restoring

This program has ability to restore the data even when the partition or volume is deleted damaged or formatted. And in case of disk has bad parts. Moreover it has property to restore the files  by utilizing the different file formats like the  PPT,MDB,DOC,PST,JPG,AVI,ZIP,PPTX,XLS,

Disk editor

Disk editor is an impressive feature addition in the active file recovery tool. This software can analyze the content of hard drives, volume, and partition, create bookmarks and can change the content of open files or disk.

What’s new?

Advanced tool of active file recovery come up with

  • Enhanced and simple interface
  • Improved the data recovery from the Linux, XFS file, Unix JFS etc.
  • Standard file signature recognition like virtual hard disk file and server database (MDF).
  • It can recover the data impressively from the ReFS file system with non-standard sector size like 1024, 2048 and 4096 bytes.
  • This software is compatible with the FAT12, FAT16, FAT 32, NTFS and NTFS5.
  • It added the best analysing system concerning recovery of losted files.
  • Improved the data recovery on the unbootable, because of virus attack, computer damage and malicious attacks.
  • Fast and super scanning modes concerning easier operation of missed files.
  • Users can recover the data in images, text, audio, and video and on some other formats like the FAT16, FAT32, FAT12, XFS, HFS, EXT3.


  • Active file recovery is the fast, standard and secure retrieving program.
  • It added the advanced options for the bootable recovery.
  • This software added the portable version so that users can utilise it directly from the USB drives, pen drives without any installation requirements.
  • It permits you to recover the data from all kinds of external drives and USB storage devices.


  • It might be supportive to only Windows and not to MAC, OS and android devices.

System Requirements

  • Supported operating system: Windows/xp/vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Hard disk space: The hard disk space for it should be 80MB.
  • Processor: Intel premium 4 or later.
  • Memory: The memory for it should be 512MB.

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How to crack?

To crack the noted active file recovery tool, you should need to follow the given steps.

  1. First of all download the latest version of the active file recovery software from the given link.
  2. Then turn off the virus guard.
  3. On completing the download, unpack or extract the rar file and open the setup.
  4. Now install the setup and off it from everywhere after completion.
  5. So this is the simple and easier procedure for downloading the active file recovery program.

What is the active file recovery crack?

Final words

Active file recovery crack is the program that lets you retrieve the deleted documents, images and other important information from your system. This software is easier and free to install with availability of numerous advantages.

The latest version of the software comes up with many improvements. The mechanism of scanning deleted or lost files consists of the two fast and slow modes. Users can also adjust the auto mode for finding the losted file in the system.

This program has the ability to retrieve the files that are deleted by virus attack, damage disk, power failure or malicious attacks. It can recover the lost data from the floppy drives, USB drives and hard drives. also restore the files by utilising the different file formats like PPTX, JPG, AVI, and PST ZIP. It is one of the easier and secure sources concerning recovery of deleted files.

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