iTools Crack + License Key for Windows [Final Version]

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iTools Cracked + License Key For Lifetime

iTools Crack + License Key for

The noted tool that has the property to manage the idevices files and folders with ease of sharing data to other devices is called the itools crack. With this tool you can adjust the iphone, ipad and iPod touch devices.

Managing the iDevices folders and files without any trouble the best option is the iTool software. It is the program that let you manage the ringtones, folders and back up messages etc.It supports installing, uninstalling, back up and restoring your folders and files easily.

There are various advantages that you can avail while accessing this tool. Through this tool users can add, delete, edit and copy any files that they want. This program gives ease of browsing your pc local library. The local library of this tool consists of three parts.

Moreover it gives several comforts after connecting with the pc.Like users have access to the drag and drop functionality in terms of removing and placing the data between computer and other devices. This software has impressive compatibility with all idevices like the iphone, ipad and iPod etc.

It allows you to manage various media files like the images, audios, videos, text documents, pdf movies, and podcasts etc.This users attractive feature is the Air player option. This allows you to enjoy music, play games, browse the web and even preview images on iDevices through the Windows.

iTools Cracked + License Key For Lifetime

What is Itools Crack?

Manage all the files and folders on the idevices in the presence of countless comforts via installing the iTools crack on your devices. It is one of the most easily and free sources that supports it in many ways. The icons arranger options support you in managing the icons on the iphone, ipad and iPod screen.

It has a friendly interface that allows you to manage each file and folder. This single tool has the ability to set many things at a time. It added the image, ringtool,file manager and like other separate tools concerning adjusting of folders.

Moreover, on connecting with the pc users can browse the pc local library. This local library is divided into three parts. In which one part is for the device application, second is for the media files, and third part is for the other tools.

Concerning simple and faster usage of the pc, this tool added the drag-drop functionality. Through this option users can keep and delete the files between the pc and other devices.

This files manager tool supports managing ,editing, deleting and copying any folder or file.The media file section helps you in importing the files from the pc like the ringtones,images,or wallpapers etc.It also added the ringtone creator option. This option allows you to create the ringtones, or select tones from the media files in a few clicks.

Moreover, it added the wallpaper option that allows you to preview and sort the added images before importing them. The most amazing feature of this tool is the backup option. This option allows you to backup and restore the folders, call logs, contacts, applications, messages and all the system management.

iTools Cracked + License Key For Lifetime

iTools Cracked + License Key For Lifetime


iTools crack is the source that gives a way of setting the files and folders on your idevices. Now we talk about its main components.

Easier interface

The main component of this tool is comfortable working .It added the user-friendly interface. It added the faster and simple navigation controls system.Because of its simpler working; users can easily mange media, images, iBooks and other files.

Ease of media file management

This software added the option for adjusting the images, videos, audios, text documents, pdf movies, iTunes music, and podcasts easily. It becomes possible due to the addition of the media file management option.

Backup option

The addition of the backup options is supportive to bring back various files and applications. This allows you to backup the contacts, call logs, applications, messages etc.This allows you to backup and restore the iphone,ipad and ipod data .

Air player option

One of the most interesting options in iTools is the Air player option. This feature allows users to watch videos, edit or view the files,browse the web, play games and preview images on the iphone,ipad and ipod.

Browse pc local library

The connection of this tool with the pc provides a way to enjoy the pc local library. This local library of the pc consists of the three main sections. The section is the media files, second is for the device application, and third is for the other tools.

Ringtone creator

The usage of this tool is useful in various regards. With this tool users can not only manage the idevices files and folders while also can create ringtones .This is the path that allows you to create the ringtones, backup and download firmware easily.

Preview option

The presence of preview options let you preview the images before importing them. This feature is supportive in analysing images and folders before changing them.

Image tool

The image tool addition is supportive concerning arranging of the  images, deleting  albums, moving images between folders .It also allows you to edit, delete or copy images.

What’s new?

  • Advanced and improved interface addition
  • Ease of managing the media files.
  • Impressive compatibility with the iphone, ipad and ipod devices.
  • Addition of the battery master options provides all details about the battery usage.
  • Ringtone manger and creator tool.
  • Backup option permits you to backup the message, call logs, contacts etc.
  • Air player option let you enjoy playing games, watching videos and browsing the web etc.
  • Drag and drop functionality allows you to remove or place the data between pc and other devices.


  • Supports in creating ringtones, backup images apps and download firmware.
  • Standard capability to manage various media files at time.
  • Air player function for enjoying games, viewing videos and browsing the web.
  • Preview and share images between multiple devices.
  • Addition of the icon arranger supports in managing the icons on iphone,ipad and ipod etc.



System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows, XP,Vista,7/8/10/11.
  • Memory: The memory for it that requires it is to be 2GB.
  • Hard disk space: Hard disk space is to be the 500Mb of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.

How to crack?

To run the iTools crack, you shall need to follow the given steps.

Uninstall the previous version. ibackupbot crack

  1. Firstly, you shall need to download the latest version of the iTools crack from the given link below.
  2. On completing the download, unpack or extract the rar file and then open the setup.
  3. After this, install the setup after install and close it from everywhere.
  4. Now copy and paste the file into the installation directory.
  5. So these are the simple steps that you can follow for the installation of the itools crack.

iTools Cracked + License Key For Lifetime

Final words

iTools crack is the program that lets you manage the files and folders on iphone,ipad and ipod devices. It has a user-friendly interface with a standard navigation control system. This is the path that permits you to adjust applications, files and other settings on idevices effortlessly.

Moreover ,this tool added the image ,file manager and ringtone creator tool. These tools support in adjusting many things simultaneously.Interesting one is the addition of the backup feature. With it users can browse the pc local library and import the images from Windows.

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