AirMyPC Crack Full Torrent With License Key Free Download

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AirMyPC Crack torrent full version free download


AirMyPC crack is one of the best and most powerful software that allows us to connect Apple devices to our PC, utilizing a cellular connection. Many users aren’t aware that being attacked with a redirect trojan is very critical, plus they ignore it, absent the best chance to save many of the computer systems with time. Moreover, the utility remains low on system resources and out of the right path when we are working because it resides in the holder until we need it.

This application will stream over our cellular network and permit us to use our Television set as a duplicated display screen. Both video tutorials and audio will be shown on our TV set, just like we were by using an HDMI connection. It is the best tool for Apple in which we easily handle our devices to our Mac and PC.

AirMyPC full allows us to wirelessly AirPlay mirror our Windows PC screen and sound to our TV through Apple TV or Chromecast. It even lets us Airplay Mirror the computer Web Camera and microphone to our TV through AppleTV/ChromeCast. Basically, it enables us to mirror our computer display through our Apple TV/Chromecast, just like we do with our iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Feeling uncomfortable with all these wires that connect our computer to our TV?

Well, with this software installed, we do not need them anymore. Once installed, it streams whatever we see and hears on our PC to our Apple TV/Chromecast – wirelessly. Have lots of family videos and images saved on our PC? With it installed, with a few mouse clicks, we can easily view our family videos and images on our big TV screen.

AirMyPC Cracked Torrent Free Download

With its Education Interactive Tools Suite add-on, we can make our TV screen a kind of Wireless Whiteboard Interactive Screen. The Education Interactive Tools Suite allows us to Draw on our Desktop or on any other open Window. Everything you draw on our computer screen will be mirrored to your AppleTV/ChromeCast by this software and be reflected on our TV screen. It also supports mirroring to AnyCast, EzCast, and MiraScreen devices.

Furthermore, this software is something that allows us to definitely mirror Apple devices on our PC, utilizing a cellular connection. The software will enable us to permit and disable the best quality mode if the bond is insufficient.

It lets us hook up and deal with AirPlay to multiple Apple TV set devices. Therefore, Android devices enable us to Cast reflections of what’s on display to our Television set via Chromecast.

It allows us to do the same from our Windows Computer by adding House Windows AirPlay and Ensemble screen mirroring functions.

AirMyPC Crack Full Torrent With License Key Free Download


  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 7.0 MB
  • Updated: 18 Feb 2020
  • Downloads: 3926
  • Platform: Windows and Mac
  • Publisher: AirMyPC
  • Website:

Latest Features of AirMyPC

  • The ability to transfer the whole display screen and a particular window allows us to have full display screen content.
  • It can choose between hardware devices like an Apple TV set or Chromecast.
  • It also can task only video, music, or audio tracks video.


  • Windows airplay sender permit us to airplay to flow our songs.
  • This software allows us to airplay for pictures and videos of our system.
  • We can airplay our web camera on our TV.
  • We can airplay ourselves or our places to our Apple TV.
  • It also allows us to airplay to Chrome devices. The devices may consist of a microphone, too.
  • The education interactive tool package is so useful. This feature will enable us to draw and type on our desktop.
  • We can also draw on other open windows.
  • It provides us with pen options and other shape tools.

Uses of AirMyPC:

  • We can make airplay mirror the computer web camera.
  • Behave our TV screen as a wireless whiteboard.
  • We can make airplay wirelessly mirror our laptop screen.
  • We wirelessly airplay mirror PC screen to the Devices.
  • We can mirror our desktop screen.
  • It also allows us to mirror a computer speaker.
  • It also permits us to mirror both the computer and desktop screens together.

More Info About AirMyPC:

  • Size:  7.0 MB
  • Language:   English
  • Maker:  AirMyPC
  • Category:  Internet \ Universal remote Utils
  • Operating System: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, XP
  • Latest Version: 2.9

How do you install the cracked version of AirMyPc?

  1. First of all, download the setup files from
  2. Run this file and force it to start
  3. Now Click on Install a Setup file
  4. After the installation process is complete
  5. Press to Active File
  6. Wait for the further cracking process
  7. Finally, all done!
  8. Enjoy


  • We can add circles, rectangles, arrows, and chat to our desktop.
  • It also provides us with clear and crystal colors.
  • We are eligible to enjoy erasers, color pickers, opaque, and undo options.
  • We can easily save our creations to our desired files.


  • The live player does not operate smoothly.
  • No system resources.


AirMyPC crack permits us to mirror our Windows computer screen wirelessly. We can also airplay mirror our voice to the TV through Apple and Chromecast. Apple Inc. introduced it.

It wirelessly sends us everything we view on our system screen when we download it. We can also receive everything we listen to computer speakers on our TV.

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