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FontCreator Crack Full + Keygen


FontCreator crack is a famous, powerful, and simple-to-use tool for cropping, editing, and creating TrueType and OpenType fonts. An individual user interface includes a relatively straightforward structure with a couple of helpful toolbars that may be personalized extensively. We also will get yet another option for adding curves to fonts. Remember that FontCreator can create our own characters; we can include more than a hundred characters.

Its editor allows us to choose and improve each figure of a specific TrueType font as well as fonts predicated on OpenType technology. It is the best tool for creating all types of fancy and beautiful font styles. Here, we can easily edit and change your paint style and colors. It is a user-friendly tool in which we can easily edit, change, and manage our font in just one click.

FontCreator Keygen allows us to map personas and change kerning pairs or font labels. This application includes the font name, type, record name, and size. This program will also enable us to transfer scans of photograph logs and create a new font predicated on handwritten letters.

FontCreator Crack Plus Keygen

FontCreator, we can also place the type code of the font brands, the labels of the heroes, and the kerning pairs, and we can also view the fonts before placing them in. This software is a specialist in font editing that facilitates both cubic and rectangular basic circuits and has several functions to ensure continuous service once we need it. Just want to notice the rich efficiency; the software form has all we need to understand the task with our fonts.

This software is the first font editor to aid the new scalable color fonts. This latest feature allows us to produce glyph colors for the systems that support it while preserving Compatibility with systems that not. Editing is performed by simply choosing the character from the entire font map and editing and enhancing its curves. We could immediately preview the looks of the font in our content material.

In case there are any incompatibilities, we may make appropriate corrections already in the font design period.

FontCreator Professional Free Download

It is a brilliant idea to have a creative spirit, which means it is easy for us to win with our fonts, which, of course, can be put to use cheerfully following its creation because of its purposes and use.

It displays a synopsis of most available characters when making or starting fonts. We can add missing characters or choose a preexisting identity and change its appearance. It can also fix figure mappings and font labels, and we have font previews before assembly. The software generally does not take a very long time to understand how to utilize FontCreator and its own comprehensive feature place is explained at length in the available records.

The software allows the selection and adjustment of individual personas and can convert scanned images to fonts with custom editing and enhancing options. The software form also features freehand customization features, supplying total individual freedom to build their fonts. We can change a glyph utilizing the Free Draw Curves tool by placing curves or by importing graphics of our handwritten characters.

FontCreator Crack + Full {Registration Code}

Latest Features of The FontCreator Cracked:

  • Supports for adding and changing over 2000 complicated glyphs.
  • Supports for PRC, ANSI, ASCII, Sign, Big5, and Unicode encoding.
  • It can mount the font in House windows.
  • It can add missing people.
  • Repair of persona mappings.
  • Supports Unicode.

More Advantages You Get From FontCreator:

  1. Transfer of vector and raster design possible.
  2. Auto font repair function.

More Details about FontCreator:

  • Language: English
  • File Size: 35 MB
  • Manufacturer: High-Logic
  • System: Windows 7 / Vista /8/10/XP
  • Latest Version: FontCreator

FontCreator Key Features:

  • Creates and edits TrueType and OpenType fonts
  • Creates and edits Web Open Font Format (WOFF and WOFF2) fonts with superior compression
  • Creates and edits scalable color fonts
  • Designs fonts for engraving
  • Redesign existing characters
  • Adds missing characters
  • Adds up to 65,535 glyphs per font
  • Import vector files and bitmap images.
  • The OpenType feature is preserved upon opening a font
  • Visually edits OpenType layout feature
  • OpenType features code can also be edited
  • FontCreators support both quadratic and cubic-based contours
  • Optimizes contours to reduce the number of nodes
  • Fix characters mapping
  • Unicode variation sequence
  • Lasts resort fonts
  • Corrects fonts that display incorrectly
  • Finds and replaces glyph names
  • Glyph taggings
  • Converts OpenType fonts to TrueType fonts
  • Generates, modifies, imports, exports, and cleans up kerning pairs
  • Adds or corrects over 2000 composite glyphs
  • Transforms individual glyphs or entire fonts to make a bold version
  • Extracts TrueType font from TrueType Collections
  • Unicode support
  • Many famous encodings and code pages, such as ANSI, ASCII, Unicode, Symbol, Big5, PRC, and Wansung, are supported.
  • Vertical metrics: This is useful with fonts that are used for vertical writing, such as Korean, Chinese, and Japanese fonts
  • Preview fonts before installing
  • Install fonts in Windows.

How to download and install the cracked version of this software?

  1. First of go to to download the software
  2. Extract it and run it
  3. Now Click on install
  4. Wait for installation
  5. Then press to Active FontCeator
  6. Wait for further Activation Process
  7. All is done


  • Affordable
  • Adds up to 65,500 glyphs per font
  • Creates and edits TrueType and OpenType fonts
  • Creates and edits Web Open Font Format fonts
  • Create and edit scalable color fonts
  • Redesign existing characters


  • Windows only


FontCreator crack is a professional software that enables us to design or edit OpenType fonts. This software has been decorated with unavoidable tools in which we can design our font from scratch. This software allows us to map the characters and modify the kerning pairs. Scan the import photos, such as creating an entirely new font based on the handwriting. Placing these statements in one window gives a plain form concerning browsing the installed fonts. It has the best graphical user interface. more at 4k program crack

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